Evacuation Diagrams and Safety Signs Newcastle

Protect and inform your people and visitors with the best safety maps, evacuation diagrams and emergency signage in Newcastle


Safety Maps is one of the premier safety signage providers in Australia, with over 20 years of experience in producing specialist industry graphics and supplying high quality, durable and reasonably priced visual solutions that adhere to strict Australian standards for evacuation diagrams and safety signs.

Poorly managed emergency evacuations have the potential to result in panic, chaos and – in the worst-case scenario – devastating loss of life. Newcastle businesses and premises are required to provide accurate, easy-to-read evacuation diagrams and safety signs to that staff and visitors know what is required of them and where they need to go, should they need to vacate the premises in the event of an emergency.

Newcastle NSW, located 2.5hrs north of Sydney, is the second largest city in the state and the 7th largest city in Australia. A regional hub and popular tourist destination, Newcastle is home to a large number of hotels, apartment buildings, government departments, and a range of businesses –from sole traders and smaller retailers to large companies, manufacturers, and heavy industry. Although the range of businesses and types of premises varies greatly, in both design and purpose, they all share a common need for effective safety signage, site maps and evacuation diagrams.


How our Newcastle Evacuation Diagrams and Safety Signs can help you and your business be prepared for an emergency

Evacuation diagrams and safety signs provide simple and concise information in a visual format that enables the reader to quickly determine what they need to do and where they need to go if they are required to evacuate the building. Evacuation diagrams and safety signs:

  • help to orient a confused, anxious or panicked person,
  • provide clear directions to safety equipment and exits,
  • help to prevent personal injuries or loss of life, and
  • help to prevent or lessen damage to or loss of personal property and buildings.

Safety Maps provide Newcastle businesses and premises with a complete, value-for-money, end-to-end graphics service to deliver customised safety and evacuation signage that fully complies with the relevant Australian Standard, because we are committed to helping you to prepare your staff and visitors for emergencies and controlling the costs associated with ensuring the safety of your employees or property.


How can Safety Maps help you meet legal obligations and ensure occupants and visitors to your premises are prepared for an emergency?

Safety Maps produces high-quality, durable and reasonably-priced evacuation and safety signage, custom-designed to meet your individual site, building or business requirements. Our products include:

  • Evacuation diagrams – accurate floor plans that show the safest exit points, location of fire safety equipment, evacuation routes
  • Flip charts and handouts ­­–spiral-bound flip charts containing site-specific information, evacuation procedures and instructions for handling specific emergency situations
  • Site maps and way signages ­– signage for large-scale public spaces to identify the viewer’s current location, exits, and emergency assembly points, or for use in locating specific departments or sections in a large building or facility.


To find out how Safety Maps’ consultancy and specialised design services can meet your Newcastle business’s unique evacuation diagram and safety sign needs, contact Safety Maps on (02) 8078 0302 or complete our contact form to have a Safety Maps representative contact you.

Evacuation diagrams and safety signs Newcastle