8 Important Safety Signs for Schools

8 Important Safety Signs for Schools

From welcome signs to evacuation diagrams.

In order for schools to be effective places where children, teens, and young adults grow, learn, and develop the skills they will need when they set off on their own, they must be a safe haven, giving all stakeholders a safe space to explore and discover their potential.

However, nowhere can always be 100% safe and the same is true for schools. Accidents can happen and, even if you can minimise the risks, you can never fully eliminate them. Natural and man-made disasters can happen any time and schools can be involved.

One way to combat potential safety issues is to put up safety signs in strategic places to guide everyone in school on how they should act to avoid accidents and how to act when there is one. Here are the most important school safety signs that should be in any educational institution:

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs

Cars and children are not a good mix on the streets and so road safety around schools is crucial in reducing the road risks for students. Your local council and the government are responsible for road signs surrounding the campus. However, traffic signs within the campus are the responsibility of the school administration.

Traffic signs are not only important on the streets – if there are cars, bicycles, and motorcycles on your campus, you will need traffic signs to ensure the safety of the students and employees as well.

Carpark signs, pedestrian crossing signs, directional signs, and speed limit signs can help make the campus safer even with vehicles. It can make the flow of vehicles, as well as pedestrians, more organised and less risky for everyone involved.

Students can be complacent when they are within school grounds. Some are distracted by headphones, some are reading, while some are engrossed talking to their classmates. This is why it is crucial to manage and limit vehicular traffic inside the campus, if there is any. Traffic signs and reminders can help remind both drivers and pedestrians to be more aware of each other.

Directional Signs are auxiliary school safety signs

Directional signs

Directional signs are essential in big campuses where it can be easy to get lost, guiding visitors and new students around campus.

You can install site maps and way signs in high traffic locations to help anyone who feels lost or overwhelmed reach their destination quickly and efficiently. These maps and signs should be designed in a way that they will catch the reader’s attention.

Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation diagrams

Evacuation plans, along with evacuation diagrams, are important in business buildings during an evacuation, because there is no assurance that there will be someone to guide everyone in which way they should go to evacuate.

Evacuation diagrams placed in strategic places can help and guide students direct them which way they should go. Depending on the ages of the students that your school caters to, your evacuation diagrams must be readable and understandable to everyone. They must also be placed at the height that your students can reach.

During emergencies, it is normal for chaos and confusion to ensue, but evacuation diagrams can help reassure people that there is a safe place for them to go. However, evacuation diagrams will not be effective without an evacuation plan.

Schools must have an evacuation plan and team in place. Students must also be aware of the evacuation procedures, who they should contact or go to, and how they should act during emergencies.

Hazardous Chemicals and Chemical Safety Signs

Hazardous chemicals and chemical safety signs

Some school have laboratories that contain chemicals and substances that may be hazardous or require special handling. Chemical safety is a must for these schools. It is vital to have safety signage that will remind everyone of proper laboratory practices.

Storage areas for hazardous chemicals and substances must be labelled properly and safe handling procedures must be placed nearby. Of course, signs can only do so much in these situations. There must be someone who oversees each laboratory activity to guide the students and reduce the risks involved.

Laboratories are not the only facilities that will benefit from chemical safety signs. Art classrooms, photography darkrooms, kitchen staff rooms, and cleaners’ storerooms must also have chemical safety signs and reminders.

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs that contain symbols can help inform everyone of whatever age and literacy level of the activities or actions that are not permitted. These safety signs also use colours and shapes to indicate the level of danger. For instance, red-coloured signs signify prohibitions. They usually come in discs or circular shapes.

Prohibition signs can include No Smoking, No Crossing, and No Entry signs in prohibited areas, laboratories, offices, and parking areas.

Warning Signs

Warning signs

Warning signs, which are yellow and have a triangular shape, can help warn people of potential electrical, mechanical, and impact hazards and can even warn students to watch out for flying balls on sports grounds, for example.

Entrance and Exit Signs

Entrance and exit signs

While they may not seem like essential safety signs, these signs help regulate the flow of foot traffic. Chaotic foot traffic can be dangerous, which can lead to a stampede when everyone is rushing to get out of a school building.

Welcome Signs

Welcome signs

While not designed for school safety purposes, welcome signs can create a positive impression of your school. It can make newcomers feel at home and can instil school pride in your students. It is also a good way to promote your school to prospective students. These signs must be highly attractive and visible, bearing your school logo and colours to be effective.

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